Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Focus if you are practicing html as a beginner

Like: <li>Some text here. </li>
Not like: <li>Some text here.
type 'html:5' then ctrl+e after you installed zen coding.
Try to call external css, if you're in hurry make an internal css, otherwise it will harm you.

Monday, February 13, 2017

How to practice HTML for beginners

html basic format

What is HTML?

The full meaning of Html is ‘hyper text markup language’. Html is easy to learn - beginners will enjoy learning this. By editor software like notepad ++ you can insert elements which will be showed by browsers in contents. Html isn’t a theoretical thing, but everything of this is about practice. So start learning with practice. W3school can be very helpful and useful for you. It has theory and example with practicable editor. So you can learn this completely from learn to apply.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

tips and tricks to learn webdesign fast on your own at home

learnwebfast-basic web design structure

To learn web design it’s necessary to know the ways of making a web site. At first we have to know the processes and levels of complete website. The first thing of making a web site is a image layout of that made by a graphics designer. It’s up to a graphics designer but for a web designer it’s good to know very basics of photoshop. After that a web designer converts this image to a html file. It’s called a basic website. The last level of a site is web development. There is nothing that can completely explain the web development. Everything after web design is called development. So, to create a html file converting from a image file or imagining a layout is webdesign.