Saturday, February 11, 2017

tips and tricks to learn webdesign fast on your own at home

learnwebfast-basic web design structure

To learn web design it’s necessary to know the ways of making a web site. At first we have to know the processes and levels of complete website. The first thing of making a web site is a image layout of that made by a graphics designer. It’s up to a graphics designer but for a web designer it’s good to know very basics of photoshop. After that a web designer converts this image to a html file. It’s called a basic website. The last level of a site is web development. There is nothing that can completely explain the web development. Everything after web design is called development. So, to create a html file converting from a image file or imagining a layout is webdesign.

What to know to make a basic website?

For making main layout learn 'html' and for putting in a certain place in a certain way learn 'css'. And learn 'javascript' for some special effects.   

How a beginner will start?

Beginners will start learning from html. Practicing html from w3school is enough effective. By ending a lesson make a test. Besides that watching video tutorials also can contribute nicely. Mixing these two ways keep practicing by self. Keep learning and practicing of both by w3chools’s serial. If you have a question, write down it in a place. Practicing continuously will answer most of questions. If you can’t get answers by yourself then get help from others. You can get help on social media or forums, it’s enough for a beginner. After completing both html and css keep converting psd files to html files. At this level you can join a live course if you feel that live lessons will help you. Download varieties files of converting psd to html from market places and convert it on your own in required time. When you can complete ten to fifteen projects like that, you are a complete webdesigner.but remember, more practice will make you more accurate.

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