Monday, February 13, 2017

How to practice HTML for beginners

html basic format

What is HTML?

The full meaning of Html is ‘hyper text markup language’. Html is easy to learn - beginners will enjoy learning this. By editor software like notepad ++ you can insert elements which will be showed by browsers in contents. Html isn’t a theoretical thing, but everything of this is about practice. So start learning with practice. W3school can be very helpful and useful for you. It has theory and example with practicable editor. So you can learn this completely from learn to apply.

What contains Html?

Html contains tags. Everything in html is some tags. And most of tags have some attributes in it. Make list of tags and attributes in it. And make a list of tags you often forget the details about. Then keep practicing in a varieties way 

What are the important tags?

<!DOCTYPE html> defines HTML5

<html>                 root of an HTML

<head>                contains meta information

<title>                 specifies title for document

<body>                contains visible page

<h1>                   defines large heading

<p>                     defines paragraph

    *Every tags in Html file is called an element. 

What is the benefit of practicing with w3schoo?

With w3school you’ll get everything you need to make a website. You can practice with them completely. They have test options, if you make a wrong they’ll warn you which help you to write coding without wrong. The most important thing is you can get a certificate here. Do enjoy learning.   



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