Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Focus if you are practicing html as a beginner

Like: <li>Some text here. </li>
Not like: <li>Some text here.
type 'html:5' then ctrl+e after you installed zen coding.
Try to call external css, if you're in hurry make an internal css, otherwise it will harm you.
That's what doing everyone, so should you
It will help you to find them easily.
Nothing to say.
Someone won't support that, but it's good for you.
You don't have to do this
Just use inspect element.
You'll get rid of some problems.
Usually h2 tags until you know certainly about others
That's upon to you
Don't get stuck with yahoo trash.
For your kind of information it's the common hardest part of html

This part won't tell most people about, but I recommend to cut unnecessary codes and make it simple.
It's good for search engine optimization.
You should be a part of developers of the world! remember that!!
Check view source of your coding where the design or element comes from?

Make control above every element style though you chose default.
You should know very basics of photoshop.
Make a list of that and then keep practicing.
Connect with others and mark your faults
Do everything manually from zero and keep converting projects from photoshop files.

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